Interactive Pre-Call Announcement (i-PCA) is an innovative product that enables upselling/cross-selling, customer retention and advert insertion in real time on outgoing customer calls for prepaid and post-paid users

  • Plays dynamic voice prompt once user attempts a voice call
  • Advance business logics, like play PCA for a specific time a day, etc.
  • Multiple scenarios based pre-recorded PCA messages
  • Capability to Warm transfer calls to customer care.
  • Integration with operator CRM platform for better targeting/context


  • Plays dynamic voice prompt once user attempts a voice call, reduces customer care and call center cost.
  • Capability to warm transfer calls to customer care desks, user can also get the call charges detail.
  • Telco pre-paid customer can benefit from iPCA product by simply listening to an advert.
  • Ease of use is achieved by making the service as an Opt-in service where in the user just needs to Opt-in once
  • Counters for Daily Announcement enables max announcements to be served per day

mCarbon Tech Innovation was established in 2008 and started off focusing on core network value add services.


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