Mobile Financial Solutions

Micro Credit

Micro Credit Loan is a value-added service designed on the premise of “what the consumer needs”, provides ease of access of airtime stock credit to customers of a telecom operator when they run out of balance.

Credit Loan is an interactive service that allows customers to take a sundry credit amount of any configurable denomination when they run out of their main account balance and are either far away from a recharging location or are short of money to immediately recharge their account. Micro Credit is an open and transparent service with a clear reporting structure.

How it works?

With proven experience in managing high volume transactions, the Credit Loan platform acts as a virtual strategic dealer and provides instant loan to ensure business continuity at all times. This dynamic service is powered by intelligent user profiling and is capable of recovering the loan amount automatically at the time of next recharge.

To access the service, the customer in dire need of airtime can simply dial a USSD string. The Rule Engine does real time math to check if the customer is eligible for loan or not. This decision depends on many in-built KPIs which define the eligibility. The eligible user is then offered the loan he is eligible for and the same get credited to his account post his approval.

Key Features

The service is driven by intelligent rule engine. The rule engine works on various pre-defined KPIs as well as spiders real time data to ensure that loan is offered only to most eligible users resulting in optimal recovery.

Loan is not offered to users in certain conditions like:

  • Recovery is pending for previous loan
  • User has lower propensity of making a recharge

mCarbon’s Credit Loan platform is powered by Best in Class Recovery Engine. The first recovery attempt is made after 24 hours of a transaction or as defined by the Operator. In case the balance is not enough to recover, an attempt is made after every 24 hrs. In case a partial recovery is possible, the same is done and the balance is again retried once each day till the complete recovery is done. The present recovery % age is 99 %