Mobile Marketing and Advertising Services

Contextual Marketing for personalized, real-time and interactive marketing campaigns

Tailor your network to every pre-paid mobile subscriber​

Now you have the vision to anticipate your subscribers’ unique needs at the right time and through the right channel for them. Designed only for mobile operators, Neuron X is based on an advanced data analytics marketing and orchestration platform. It harnesses powerful AI technology enabling mobile operators to offer a better experience to everyone on their network. Neuron X identifies the best offer for each of your customers through its understanding of each customer profile and context. It offers high ARPU products such as micro-credit, mobile voice and messaging services and marketing campaigns and advertising.​

Learn from every subscriber and every transaction

At the core or Loop’s power is Neuron’s artificial intelligence and robust data analytics with an engine that learns and adapts to your subscribers’ needs based on activity and profile. This enables you to provide truly personalised network services to mobile subscribers at the right time and over the right channel. You will have an unprecedented opportunity to be one step ahead and instantly react to demand. Everything you do will be targeted, relevant and timely. The definition of exceptional service.

Benefit from a world of data

Neuron X is ready to offer you the insights to be extraordinary. Every day, more than 700 million subscribers and billions of interactions further shape our technology. The Neuron X continuously improves, whether it’s learning from your subscribers or applying global data to your solutions.

A new way to invest in incremental revenue streams

Neuron X is provided at no charge. No capex, no opex and no maintenance costs. Neuron X believes in a revenue share model. When you start making money, we start making money. This enables you to be nimble and experimental whilst minimizing your risk and financial investment. And don’t worry, we will manage the service for you too, with operations and monitoring teams in our Network Operations Centers providing 24x7x365 support.

Experience the mCarbon difference