Call Management Suite

Over 20 percent of calls get dropped, because the subscriber is unavailable, unreachable, busy, or their handset is switched off. This leads to revenue loss for operators. mCarbon’s Call Management Suite is a comprehensive solution that comprises of products that ensure these incomplete calls are converted into new revenue streams for operators. The CMS solution allows operator to capture revenues from otherwise failed calls and stimulate network usage by increasing the rate of call completion.

There are a number of products under Call Management Suite that assists operators in call completion. An app version of the Call Management Suite offers all the listed products under single subscription umbrella.

Voice SMS

Allows the user to drop a voice message if the person he was trying to reach is not available. The other user for whom the messages was dropped can retrieve the recorded message by dialling a short code.

Call Filter

Call Filter allows the subscriber to play situational announcements to his caller like in a meeting, busy, driving etc when he is unable to take calls. The solution also allows the subscriber to blacklist or whitelist numbers.

Pay For Me

This is another solution that enables call completion. This allows an out of balance user to request the called user to pay for the call. If the called user agrees to pay for the call, the call gets through ensuring call completion.


Keeps the subscriber informed about the calls he might have missed when he was not available to pick calls.


Intimates the caller when the subscriber whom he was trying to reach becomes available to pick calls.

Beep Call

The Beep Call allows the an out of balance subscriber to send a missed call or Beep Call to one with whom he wants to have an emergency call but due to lack of balance is unable to do so.


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