SIM OTA Platform

Mobile network operators often require an advanced SIM OTA platform to address their needs for taking complete control of their SIM cards by remote means. mCarbon’s SIM OTA platform remotely manages the entire SIM card life cycle – from activation of new accounts, through various upgrades and roaming updates, to SIM card cancellation and swap. Using a user-friendly interface that is SIM vendor agnostic, the SIM OTA comprises various features and capabilities, such as secure Remote File Management, Remote Interactive Campaign Management, Applet Management, Steering of Roaming, Welcome SMS, and other remote, over the air SIM operations.


A high-performance platform with high success rate and availability enabling carrier grade SLAs.

Scalable and future-proof platform enabling flexible deployments and service evolution.

Capable of addressing multiple devices and secure elements with the most efficient channels.

Highly secure adhering to the security algorithms as prescribed in the standards.

Key Features

01  Sim Lifecycle Management

The platform supports Complete end to end SIM Lifecycle Management which enable mobile operators to Streamline the SIM ordering process, subscriber activation, onboarding and deactivation.

02 Dynamic Roaming Management

The platform support SIM based roaming steering and shall be able to facilitate automatic preferred network selection in a visited Network based on business rules and operator contracts.

03 Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing enables to distribute and manage marketing and branding messages to specific target groups of subscribers using non-intrusive methods on the handset.

04  e-SIM Management

With pour proven and future-proof solution eSIM Management, mobile operators securely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions, for consumers and IoT device

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