Two Factor Authentication

Security has become of paramount importance for Telcos and IT companies because the threat to confidential data is huge. Keeping in view the concerns related to security, most companies have restricted third party access to internal systems or have added additional security layer like a Jump Box to ensure only authenticated users can access the systems and the corresponding data residing on those systems.
Mostly, Private VPNs are used by third party’s to access systems which are in secure zone but as technology has progressed, even the private VPNs are now suspected as being vulnerable from security point of view. In lieu of this, mCarbon has developed a State of Art Security and Authentication Management solution, one that would add an incremental security layer to ensure the access to internal systems and confidential data happens in the most secure manner.
mCarbon’s 2 Factor Authentication Platform will sit between the internal systems residing in the secure zone and the third-party users trying to gain an access to those systems. There will be not one but two authentication checks and only when both the authentication checks have been satisfactorily accomplished, will the third-party system/user be able to access the secure systems. The 2 Factor Authentication Platform ensures that there is no security breach and the secure systems are accessible only by credible sources.

mCarbon Tech Innovation was established in 2008 and started off focusing on core network value add services.

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